Volunteers Needed to Help in the Scholastic Holiday Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair BannerMark your calendars for next Friday, November 7, because the Scholastic Book Fair starts directly after the assembly.  We already have 12 sneak peek books in the library right now, so you can start adding them to your wish lists.

We will be previewing BookTalks next week in the library during recess to encourage book recommendations and create excitement.

We need your help to make this Book Fair a success.  Please help by signing up for times when you are available.


Angel Donation Update

Many thanks to the contributing families for our Angel donation drive. Our total to date is $3625 with only 24 families participating. We have roughly 200 families at Short, just imagine what we could do if we everyone participated! AngelGauge2014

2nd Annual International Day

International DayWe are so excited to embrace our diversity at Short Avenue Elementary School’s 2nd International Day this Monday! This fun-filled day will start with families bringing in foods from around the world for all to share. Students are encouraged to dress up in international costumes or flag colors. Special activities will be showcased during the day from dance troops to Show and Tell.

We will also have a morning assembly displaying the homemade flags and highlighting international costumes and traditional dresses.

International Smorgasbord (7:15am – 8am)
We need your help! Please join Short Avenue Families in bringing in a cultural food or beverage to share. There will be small signs to fill out for food contributions noting the country and explaining any significance your dish may have.  Can you bring some food? Can you arrive early to help set up? Tables will be set up for food contributions.

Flags of the World
Students are encouraged to create a flag from a nation with which they personally identify. The national flag artwork may be from their ancestors’ homeland, a nation identified with their family name, or personal curiosity and interest. The flag may be an exact copy of the national flag or a more “artistic and creative” interpretation of a national flag.

National Dress
Students come to school dressed in traditional costumes from the country of your choice. Or, students may come dressed in an outfit that “interprets” the colors of their national flag of choice. All outfits may be accessorized to reflect cultural values and motifs

Cultural Artifacts for Show-and-Tell
Encourage your children to bring an object which reflects the culture of the country with which your child identifies. Students will share these object with their classmates. The artifacts will be on display at the library October 14-17 in the school library.

October Happenings

To keep you in the loop for the next couple months, please mark your calendars and plan on joining (and even helping) us for these activities.

October 3
-Morning Assembly • 8am • playground

October 8
Picture Day

October 13
-International Day

October 15
-Food Truck Fiesta
-Goodwill Precollection starts

October 19
Del Rey Day in Alla Park 11am – 3pm

October 24
Movie Night  • 6pm  •  Auditorium

November 5
-FoSA Meeting

November 7
-Morning Assembly
-Scholastic book Fair Preview
-Fall Fun Fest* (cancelled)

November 10-18
-Parent Teacher Conferences
-Scholastic Book Fair

November 15
-Goodwill Donation Drive

November 20
-Career Day

November 24-28
-Thanksgiving Break

Back-to-School Night


Join us on Tuesday for Back-to-School Night, a great time to get connected and learn more about what is happening in your children’s classrooms.

SSC & ELAC are terrific opportunities to become part of the decision making organization at school for student achievement. You help decide where the school spends their money! There are approximately eight meetings per year lasting about an hour to an hour and a half. No outside work is required when holding a position on either SSC or ELAC councils. A minimum of 6 parents are needed to form this mandatory council of SSC and 3 parents of English Learners minimum to form the ELAC council. If you would like more information ask Mrs. Martinez or Mrs. Lara in the office.

What’s going on this Month?

Friday, September 5

Monday, September 15

  • Box Top Contest Begins

Tuesday, September 16

Wednesday, September 17

  • Food Truck Fiesta 5pm

Thursday, September 25

  • No school

Saturday, September 27

Food Truck Fiesta New School Year Celebration!

Food Truck Fiesta 2014-2015 kicks off Wednesday 8/20. Join the celebration Wednesday evening where you’ll find something for everyone including tacos, burritos, burgers, vegetarian options, ethnic food, boba drinks, ice cream and more. This month we are proud to host: Border Grill Truck, Son of a Bun, The Mighty Boba Truck and Drive Me Cookie.

Bring your merry selves and blankets and lawn chairs to dine al fresco with your friends, neighbors and community on the school front lawn. Entertain the kids and yourself with fun backyard games too.

Food Truck Fiesta Aug 2014

Why You Should Complete the Application for Meal Benefits (Even if you don’t qualify)

Meal applications are now open for the 2014-2015 school year. The start of a new school year means a new Meal Benefits Application from LAUSD. Children from lower income families can qualify for free or reduced cost meals at school, which helps them get the nutrition they need to be able to learn.

What you may not know:

The percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced cost meals can determine how much federal funding our school receives.

There is a federal law called Title I, which funds primary and secondary education for low-income students. A school qualifies as a Title I school if a certain percentage of students qualify for free or reduced cost meals. I believe the minimum threshold to become a Title I school is if 40% of students qualify for meal benefits. A Title I school receives even more federal funds if a greater percentage of students qualify for benefits (60% or 65% as opposed to 40%).

At some schools in LAUSD, there are so few students who qualify for free or reduced cost meals that the meal application is mostly irrelevant. But for Title I schools, the meal application is vitally important since so much funding hinges on the number of students who qualify for benefits.

Even if you don’t qualify for benefits, it helps our school if you complete the application because the administration is looking to capture all of those students who do qualify and they’ll only know that’s happened if 100% of the applications are completed. If you are positive you won’t qualify, there is a box at the top of the application that you can check to state that you are not applying for benefits. You can also now complete the application online at LAUSD’s Food Services Division web site.

Learn how to fill out a meal application with videos in English or Spanish and step by step instructions.

2014-2015 School Year

Welcome to the 2014-2015 new school year!  Classes start Tuesday, August 12 at 8:00am following an assembly in the school yard.  Please arrive at 7:50am on the first day. The warning bell rings at 7:55am. Dismissal is 2:23pm every day except Tuesday; Tuesday dismissal is 1:20pm.

Learn more about the new After-School All-Stars program on Tuesday, July 29 at 9:00am and on Wednesday August 6 at 5:30pm in the auditorium.

Are your child’s immunizations taken care of? Learn about LAUSD’s immunization requirements, free whooping cough immunizations and more.

Superintendent John Deasy kicks off the new school year with his annual address. Watch it online, or on KLCS-TV Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 at 5 pm and Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014 at 7 am.

Click here to watch a recording of the entire annual address.