Back-to-School Night


Join us on Tuesday for Back-to-School Night, a great time to get connected and learn more about what is happening in your children’s classrooms.

SSC & ELAC are terrific opportunities to become part of the decision making organization at school for student achievement. You help decide where the school spends their money! There are approximately eight meetings per year lasting about an hour to an hour and a half. No outside work is required when holding a position on either SSC or ELAC councils. A minimum of 6 parents are needed to form this mandatory council of SSC and 3 parents of English Learners minimum to form the ELAC council. If you would like more information ask Mrs. Martinez or Mrs. Lara in the office.

What’s going on this Month?

Friday, September 5

Monday, September 15

  • Box Top Contest Begins

Tuesday, September 16

Wednesday, September 17

  • Food Truck Fiesta 5pm

Thursday, September 25

  • No school

Saturday, September 27

Food Truck Fiesta New School Year Celebration!

Food Truck Fiesta 2014-2015 kicks off Wednesday 8/20. Join the celebration Wednesday evening where you’ll find something for everyone including tacos, burritos, burgers, vegetarian options, ethnic food, boba drinks, ice cream and more. This month we are proud to host: Border Grill Truck, Son of a Bun, The Mighty Boba Truck and Drive Me Cookie.

Bring your merry selves and blankets and lawn chairs to dine al fresco with your friends, neighbors and community on the school front lawn. Entertain the kids and yourself with fun backyard games too.

Food Truck Fiesta Aug 2014

Why You Should Complete the Application for Meal Benefits (Even if you don’t qualify)

Meal applications are now open for the 2014-2015 school year. The start of a new school year means a new Meal Benefits Application from LAUSD. Children from lower income families can qualify for free or reduced cost meals at school, which helps them get the nutrition they need to be able to learn.

What you may not know:

The percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced cost meals can determine how much federal funding our school receives.

There is a federal law called Title I, which funds primary and secondary education for low-income students. A school qualifies as a Title I school if a certain percentage of students qualify for free or reduced cost meals. I believe the minimum threshold to become a Title I school is if 40% of students qualify for meal benefits. A Title I school receives even more federal funds if a greater percentage of students qualify for benefits (60% or 65% as opposed to 40%).

At some schools in LAUSD, there are so few students who qualify for free or reduced cost meals that the meal application is mostly irrelevant. But for Title I schools, the meal application is vitally important since so much funding hinges on the number of students who qualify for benefits.

Even if you don’t qualify for benefits, it helps our school if you complete the application because the administration is looking to capture all of those students who do qualify and they’ll only know that’s happened if 100% of the applications are completed. If you are positive you won’t qualify, there is a box at the top of the application that you can check to state that you are not applying for benefits. You can also now complete the application online at LAUSD’s Food Services Division web site.

Learn how to fill out a meal application with videos in English or Spanish and step by step instructions.

2014-2015 School Year

Welcome to the 2014-2015 new school year!  Classes start Tuesday, August 12 at 8:00am following an assembly in the school yard.  Please arrive at 7:50am on the first day. The warning bell rings at 7:55am. Dismissal is 2:23pm every day except Tuesday; Tuesday dismissal is 1:20pm.

Learn more about the new After-School All-Stars program on Tuesday, July 29 at 9:00am and on Wednesday August 6 at 5:30pm in the auditorium.

Are your child’s immunizations taken care of? Learn about LAUSD’s immunization requirements, free whooping cough immunizations and more.

Superintendent John Deasy kicks off the new school year with his annual address. Watch it online, or on KLCS-TV Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 at 5 pm and Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014 at 7 am.

Click here to watch a recording of the entire annual address.

Summer of Learning

This summer, join Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAUSD Superintendent Dr. John Deasy in challenging local youth to participate in the Los Angeles Summer of Learning, a citywide effort to engage young people in hands-on learning. School stops for the summer, but learning never should.

Youth can explore, play and learn with dozens of organizations throughout the city and earn badges along the way. They can unlock exploratory challenges and make their own projects to add to their skills. They will showcase their work at an end of summer event in Los Angeles, into the next school year and beyond!

Los Angeles Summer of Learning integrates the principles of Connected Learning, a new learning approach that recognizes that learning today can and does take place anywhere and everywhere — in school, in the community, on the job and online — and that building on a learner’s interests is key to engagement.

Connected Learning safely leverages new technologies to help create connections between a learner’s academic, social and creative interests, making learning more powerful and more relevant to the connected world we live in today.

Every learner in Los Angeles can have access to these incredible opportunities and become workforce ready.

Connect with Los Angeles Summer of Learning on Facebook and Twitter.

ONE PEACE Art Exhibition ☮ Featuring Artwalk Collaborative Banners

Today and tomorrow our student artwork is on display and being auctioned off! You are invited to the ONE PEACE Art Exhibition at Bergamot Station featuring collaborative student artwork from our Being Green Art Walk.  Sunday is Family Day from 11am – 4pm with live music, an interactive, all-ages art project, food trucks and punch bowls.

70% of the proceeds from Short Avenue collaborative banners auction come back to us and will help fund our art projects!!  Pre-sale tickets are available now.

Banners for auction are: Ms. Granados’ Kindergarten, Ms. Robertson’s Kindergarten, Ms. Dedeaux’s 2nd Grade and Mr. Fast’s 3rd Grade.

One Peace Art Show


After-School All-Stars Join Our Team

After School All Stars

Short Avenue has selected an award winning after school program for students K-6 to complement our Beyond the Bell program. The After-School All-Stars is set to provide comprehensive fun and structured programming including academic support and activities ranging from leadership and service to health & fitness and visual & performing arts.

We will have informational meetings to learn more about them, answer your questions and get applications. The informational meetings will be the first week in August. You will be notified in late July of the exact dates.

Priority will be given to Kindergarten and First Grade (since they cannot attend BTB). Placement spots will be awarded through a lottery system and families will be notified in advance of August 12, the first day of the new school year.

We are pleased to be able to offer our students this opportunity.