International DayWe are so excited to embrace our diversity at Short Avenue Elementary School’s 2nd International Day this Monday! This fun-filled day will start with families bringing in foods from around the world for all to share. Students are encouraged to dress up in international costumes or flag colors. Special activities will be showcased during the day from dance troops to Show and Tell.

We will also have a morning assembly displaying the homemade flags and highlighting international costumes and traditional dresses.

International Smorgasbord (7:15am – 8am)
We need your help! Please join Short Avenue Families in bringing in a cultural food or beverage to share. There will be small signs to fill out for food contributions noting the country and explaining any significance your dish may have.  Can you bring some food? Can you arrive early to help set up? Tables will be set up for food contributions.

Flags of the World
Students are encouraged to create a flag from a nation with which they personally identify. The national flag artwork may be from their ancestors’ homeland, a nation identified with their family name, or personal curiosity and interest. The flag may be an exact copy of the national flag or a more “artistic and creative” interpretation of a national flag.

National Dress
Students come to school dressed in traditional costumes from the country of your choice. Or, students may come dressed in an outfit that “interprets” the colors of their national flag of choice. All outfits may be accessorized to reflect cultural values and motifs

Cultural Artifacts for Show-and-Tell
Encourage your children to bring an object which reflects the culture of the country with which your child identifies. Students will share these object with their classmates. The artifacts will be on display at the library October 14-17 in the school library.