Yearbook and Dedication Orders DUE BY MONDAY, APRIL 12TH

Being that everything is electronic this year, there will be a few steps you need to follow to place an order for a yearbook and/or dedication. Please read carefully and follow all the steps. Thank you!

All yearbook and dedication pages can be paid for through:

  • FreshSchools in the School Store
  • Venmo to (310) 245-9436 (please write the student’s and teacher’s names in the comment section and what item/s you are paying for)
  • Zelle to (please also send an email with the student’s and teacher’s names and that your payment was made through Zelle and what item/s you paid for)

If you are ordering a yearbook ONLY then no further action is needed after you have made your payment by one of the ways written above.

If you are purchasing a dedication, you will need to make your payment first

and then send an email to with the following information:

  • Student’s Name
  • Teacher’s Name
  • Parent’s Name
  • Phone Number
  • What size dedication 


  • the photos and text that you would like to use and the yearbook committee will design your dedication for you (Please let us know if you would like a specific color, theme, or if you prefer any photos to be larger or stand out more than the others. For example: Green, sports, the photo of my son on the horse should be the main photo)
  • your finished dedication using your own software 

All photos must be approved by the Yearbook Committee prior to publishing in the yearbook. 


     $22 for softcover

                    $25 for hardcover 

Dedication Pages:

1/4 page $25  ~Max of 1 photo

                          1/2 page $45  ~Max of 5 photos 

                          FULL page $70 *** Available ONLY for 5th graders*** ~Max of 20 photos

The more photos you use, the smaller each photo will be printed. 

Email: with any questions you may have. Thank you!!