Do you have to be at work or start your day and the 7:55am drop off time is too late? You are not alone! We heard you and we understand! We would like to introduce a new program that would allow you to drop your child/ren off a bit earlier so you can get going!

Our Before School Care program will be ran by Ms. Nancy our, amazing, TK Teacher Assistant! She will be there to ensure your child/ren have a safe place to go before school starts.

The BSC program will be first come first serve with only 20 spots available! We are offering this program at $5 per day/per child. It’s broken up by semester to make sure all the families have a chance to participate if they want.

The Fall Semester 9/20 – 12/17 (12 weeks!) is only $295! Click the link to check it out!

Some of the funds made from this program will go back to Ms. Nancy for her dedication to our children and to FoSA. The funds going to FoSA will supplement the funds we are not longer receiving from our beloved Dolphin Cafe due to COVID restrictions. All in all the funds raised go back to our children, their education and their safety!