About Us

Friends of Short Avenue (FoSA) are dedicated to providing enrichment opportunities that strengthen and support academic growth, inspire creative and aesthetic understanding, and integrate technology and engineering experiences in cultivating the whole child at Short Avenue Elementary School.  We harness volunteer potential and manage fundraisers and programs in our effort to maximize student potential.

More than 30 years of research show that children do better when their parents and families are involved both at home and at school. Meaningful parental involvement is an integral part of student achievement in school. Children tend to achieve more regardless of ethnic or racial background, socioeconomic status, or parents’ education level. Grades are higher. Test scores rise. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve.

The FoSA board of directors act as gentle stewards for Short Avenue Elementary School. They strive to enhance your child(ren)’s educational and social experience in addition to your family’s elementary school experience through fundraising and meaningful community events and activities. The Board of Directors continually seeks to improve their organization, Friends of Short Avenue, to leave it better than before their term in office.

FoSA meetings are open to everyone and we value your ideas!


President – Lizbeth Vernon

Vice President – Tavia Trepte

Treasurer – Shanel Malonson

Secretary – Jessica Trockey

Spirit Wear Coordinator – Valerie Batalla

Art Banner Coordinator – Bridget Carney

Voting Member – Julia Paluch

Voting Member – Griselda Molina

Voting Member – Tiffany Fischman

Voting Member – Julie Starkweather

Voting Member – Suzie Glaser

Voting Member – Aime Ocampo

Karen Reynolds – School Liaison (non-voting)    

Contact us at FriendsofShortAvenue@gmail.com.

We are a volunteer-operated, fully insured, non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Board History


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