Fresh Schools


Fresh Schools is a secure and private communication platform just for the parents, teachers and staff of Short Avenue Elementary.

First- You should have received an invitation to join Fresh Schools.
Didn’t get one, email us with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Child(ren) Full Names, Grades & Teachers

Here are some handy links: Login, reset password, and request invitation

Please check out the following links to learn more!



  • With this directory, we can search for anyone in the school to be able to reach out and communicate with each other.
  • See everything going on at the school by viewing the calendar and signing up for volunteer events.
  • All important flyers and documents will be in one place – no more searching through your inbox!
  • Once you join, you will be able to see your child’s classroom roster and will be able to view lists and profiles of teachers, students, parents and committee members.


  • Step 1 – Join by clicking on the “Join FreshSchools” link included in the invitation
  • Step 2 – Create password


Once signed in, update your profile by going to the upper left hand corner and clicking on your name, then Profile

  • Update your name, email, phone, home address, some interesting information about yourself, and add a photo
    • Please update this information so the administration can be sure we have the most up-to-date contact information
    • Control who sees what in the directory by changing the Visibility level next to email, address, and phone.  The two choices currently are:
      • School – information is visible in your profile to everyone in FreshSchools
      • None – specific information is not visible in FreshSchools, but people will still be able to email you through the platform.  You will receive emails to the email address listed in your profile.
      • You can still send and receive messages through the system while keeping your data private.
    • Update your child(ren)’s information by clicking on their name and then clicking on the green Edit button in the upper right hand side of their profile
      • Here you can add a birthday, nickname, photo, and interests
    • Check to make sure:
      • Your children are correctly listed (you can change their name spellings and information)
      • Your child is properly connected with you and your partner/family member/spouse – contact to make changes
      • They are in the correct classroom roster – contact to make changes


See your classroom, teachers, teaching associates and room parents in one place!  If you have more than one child at Short, you will be able to see both classrooms.


With FreshSchools you can communicate with any parent, with your teachers, or with your classrooms without needing to have everyone’s email address.  You can send messages within the system and continue the conversation in your own inbox.

Moving forward, all school communications will come through FreshSchools.

  • Emails will be from <person’s name>
  • The subject line will contain [FreshSchools] and the subject of the email.
  • When you reply, it will go to their email address.

You will be able to see all of your teacher’s or administration’s messages in your messages Inbox on FreshSchools – no more having to sort through your inbox to find that newsletter!

Click HERE for instructions on How to Email Through FreshSchools


You can see events and details via the web platform and the mobile app.  Room parents and administrators can set up events.  You will see only the events set up as visible to the whole school, to your classroom, or to you.  Event notifications will come from FoSA Calendar Admin.

You can add events to your personal calendar by clicking on the event and clicking “Add to your calendar” in the upper right hand side.

You can view events via the mobile app and subscribe by clicking on “Add events to iOS Calendar” on iPhones.



If you need help adding the calendar to your Google calendar, email


Signing up to volunteer for events is integrated into the Calendar Events.

  • Volunteer
    • Click on the event and if volunteers or supplies are needed, you will see a list of opportunities and times.
    • Click on the green “Sign Up” button to sign up
  • To RSVP for an event, click on Yes, No, Maybe under “Will you be attending?”


All flyers, and important documents will be available in the PAPERS & DOCS section, categorized into folders.


Teachers will be able to upload photos from events, class trips, and class parties to the photo gallery with your class.   Want to add your own?



The CHALKBOARD will have reminders and pertinent updates visible to you on a personal, classroom, and school level.

The DASHBOARD shows you new messages, the chalkboard, new photos, new papers and documents and upcoming events.

You can message other parents, teachers or classes from here as well.


Once you are signed up, you can download the FreshSchools app for your smartphone to be able to send and receive messages, check the calendar, and soon, sign up for events on the go!

App Store

Google Play


  • I’m already signed up – do I need to do anything?
    • No, you should be all set!  Just make sure your profile information and your child(ren)’s profile information is up to date!
  • I didn’t get an invitation
    • Check your spam filters – the email will come from FoSA Admin <>
    • If not in your spam filters, Request an Invitation
      • If the email you enter is in the system, you will receive the invitation to that email address.
      • If that email is not in the system, you will see the error “Oops, that email doesn’t seem right. Try again? ”
        • If you get this error, contact to be added to the system
      • If you see the error “Email has already registered to FreshSchools.”,
        use this link to reset your password
  • If you are using a different email than what you gave the school in the beginning of the year, contact to have it changed and you will receive a new invitation to that email address
  • It keeps telling me there is already an email but won’t let me go any further.
    • Go to the Forgot your Password link
    • Enter your email
    • Click Reset Password
    • A reset password link will be sent to the email in your profile from FreshSchools Support
      • Click on the Reset Password link in the email
      • Type in a new password
      • Click Change Password
      • You will be logged in with your new password automatically
  • I want to change my email
    • Log in and update the email address in your profile
    • This will change your sending/receiving email only – you will still have to log in with the previous email.  To change your login, contact
  • I want to change my login
    • Contact
  • I have two students in school, but I only see one on my profile?
    • Contact