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Title I Parent Involvement Policy (Spanish)
LAUSD is committed to engaging parents in their child’s education. The core belief that parents are school partners is the foundation for the District’s overarching policy on parent engagement and is reinforced through its Title I Parent Involvement Policy and school-level parent involvement policies.
Summary: English / Spanish

LAUSD Student Site

LAUSD Student IT Resources

LAUSD Families
The Parent Communities Services Branch, dedicated to developing parent engagement throughout LAUSD, provides technical and strategic support to local districts and school sites ensuring that they have adequate resources to authentically engage and empower parents in supporting their children’s academic success.   You can find LAUSD school-level data, enrollment options, ways to augment learning at home, information about The Bully Project and Parent and Family Centers and workshop tools.

LAUSD Parent Access
The Parent Access profile system provides LAUSD parents and guardians with a single account, “one stop” access to a variety of online tools to facilitate entering information, applying for services (e.g., enrollment forms, magnet program applications, cafeteria management systems) or getting information about their students (attendance, grades).

The Journal highlights the many fascinating stories involving the schools, students, teachers, and administrators that are part of LAUSD, the nation’s second-largest school district.

Arts for LA
Help keep LAUSD elementary school arts education program! Take action by contacting the Superintendent and School Board here.  In fall 2012, there will likely be an initiative on the state ballot designed to increase revenue to California public schools.  For an overview of the three most likely initiatives, please click here to download a one-sheet created by Educate Our State.

Donors Choose
An online charity that simplifies helping students in need.

Advancement Project
LAUSD Early Childhood programs help children from all backgrounds.  Children participating in LAUSD early childhood programs are more likely to graduate high school and attend college, achieve increased test scores.  This program also results in decreased instances of special education placements and decreased students being held back a grade.  Find out how you can help.

LAUSD Food Services
Cafe LA is the place to get information on LAUSD lunch, breakfast and supper programs, menus, nutrition, food allergen and ingredients, nutritional information and special diets, meal applications, and recipes.  Learn more about LAUSD’s major nutritional changes like no artificial colorings or additives.  LAUSD served over 138 million meals last year and was awarded the most Bronze medal schools nationwide from Healthier US School Challenge.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) practice tests. The Practice Tests provide students with grade-specific testing experiences that are similar in structure and format to the Summative Assessments. The Training Tests provide students with the opportunity to quickly become familiar with the software and interface features. The Training Tests are organized by grade-bands (e.g., 3–5).  The CAASPP System is intended to provide parents and students more accurate and actionable information about what students are learning. Because the Smarter Balanced Assessments, which are administered as part of the CAASPP System, are computer adaptive, these Assessments will also provide better information about the needs and successes of individual students.

2016-2017 Parent Student Handbook

Gifted and Talented  (GATE) Programs

Special Education

Grade Level Curriculum
Want to know what your child is learning this year, or what they will be responsible for next year?  Check out the grade level curriculum from K-6.  There is also a webinar series based on the prepublication version of A Look at Kindergarten through Grade Six in California Public Schools.

The Parents’ Guide to the Information Superhighway: Rules & Tools for Families Online
This guide aims to help parents navigate computers and online services where their children are concerned.  Even if you don’t have a computer at home, children may use computers at school,  community centers, and libraries.  This guide is written with the computer novice in mind and includes simple definitions and ideas for how to get involved. 

Feed Your Kids the Arts
The arts are enriched with the stuff kids need to succeed. Just like kids need to have good nutrition on a daily basis, kids need to have their daily serving of the arts. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps kids increase test scores and promotes academic achievement.

Kids who are involved in the arts are:

                  • 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
                  • 3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools
                  • 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair
                  • 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance