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All of the work that we do to support Short Avenue is volunteer-based.  If you would like to help us out, send us an email.  In addition to the opportunities listed below, you can also check out our calendar and fundraising pages to see where you can help.

FoSA welcomes parents and care-givers as volunteer partners in our school and we encourage your input as full partners in making school decisions that affect children and families.

FoSA Board Positions– for the 2022-2023 School Year

President (Voting Position):

Spokesperson for FoSA.  Members look to you for leadership in creating partnerships within your community and fostering an environment where family engagement is encouraged and respected. Oversees the board, meetings and committees. Writes the FoSA Meeting Agendas and Weekly Wave. Meets with the Principal to set the Calendar,  Manages Annual Giving and Coordinates Board Voting. 

Vice President (Voting Position):

Representing the president in their absence, implementing duties delegated by the president, volunteering at events and voting on. Coordinates Staff Luncheons, Oversees Committees for Yearbook, Spirit Wear, and Hospitality Committee. This is a great position for someone who would eventually like to run for President.  

Secretary (Voting Position):

You are responsible for attending all FoSA meetings, keeping minutes and sharing them with the Communications Director. You will also be responsible for checking the FoSA email (forwarding emails accordingly) and keeping the FreshSchools calendar up to date.

Treasurer (Voting Position):

FoSA relies on you to ensure that appropriate financial records are kept, a budget is established and followed and controls are in place to prevent theft or fraud. 

Communications Director (Voting Position):

Manages the FoSA Website,  Social Media, and designs school flyers for all events.

Spanish Family Liaison (Voting Position): 

Translates all FoSA communication for our Spanish-speaking families and communicates concerns/ideas/needs, of our Spanish-speaking families.  

Voting Member (Voting Positing):

This position is open to 1 person only. The executive board must have an odd number of members to vote successfully. You will be expected to attend meetings, vote, take on tasks as you see fit and volunteer at school events. 

Room Parent Coordinator: 

You are the liaison between the Room Parents and FoSA. You make sure all RP’s are aware of upcoming events/fundraisers, you remind parents about Teacher/Staff Appreciation, holidays etc. Attending the FoSA meetings is ideal to ensure you are up to date on all happenings. 

Correspondence Director:

You write thank you letters/cards to donors and birthday cards for teachers/staff. This is the perfect position for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to volunteer but still wants to be 


Spirit Wear Coordinator:

Design, promote, sell and distribute spirit wear throughout the school year. Our main focus for Spirit Wear is in the Fall when school first starts. This would be great for multiple people to tackle. 

Dolphin Cafe Coordinator: 

You would help to make sure Dolphin Cafes are running smoothly. Help each grade organize their cafes, ensure they have enough food, drinks and volunteers. This happens once a month and is great for an early riser. 

Art Banner Coordinator:

You help find new sponsors and renew old sponsorship banners. You will also coordinate our “International Street Gallery” fundraiser. You are responsible for collecting the art and creating the banners on e-signs. 

Art Banner Maintenance:

You ensure all art banners are hung when needed and not falling off throughout the year. 

Restaurant/Food Truck Nights Coordinator:

You are responsible for booking our restaurant nights and finding food trucks for our monthly fundraiser. We have a list of restaurants we have worked with in the past that will be shared with you. Our community really enjoys these events and looks forward to them. 

Hospitality Committee:

This would be great for someone who has time in the mornings. You would set up/clean up coffee and snacks for FoSA meetings, Walk and Talk Tours and Coffees with Karen. This doesn’t take up a lot of time but is needed at least twice a month. This role can be filled by multiple people who take turns with the duties. 

Yearbook Committee – 5 or more people:

Do you love to scrapbook? Are you crafty? This is for you! This committee takes on the entire design of the yearbook. You all are in charge of getting photos, selling, distributing and ordering the yearbooks. 

Fall Festival Committee – 5 or more people:

 If you love Halloween this is your jam! It would be great to divide this committee up into 4 parts – Haunted house, game booths, decorations and food/music. We need a lot of help with this event and it’s so worth it. The kids love it! Plus, it’s a great money maker. 

Winter Bazaar Committee – 5 or more people:

This is a really fun event the whole neighborhood can enjoy. You will help find vendors, food, music and crafts for the kids. Plus, making sure the event is successfully advertised within the school and neighborhood. This event is a little easier to manage because you don’t need volunteers other than yourselves. 

Penny Wars Committee:

This is a fun week-long fundraiser. The kids collect coins and dollars to earn points for their class & to sabotage another class! It’s a student favorite and not too much work. We need you to set up the jugs, create flyers to promote it, to collect all the money at the end of the fundraiser and to find out who the winning class is.  This can be done by 2 people pretty easily. 

Silent Auction/Spring Gala Committee – 8 or more people:

If you love to throw parties this is for you! You will plan and organize the entire event from beginning to end. Including finding items to auction and contacting sponsors. This is a very fun committee to be a part of and our 2nd largest fundraiser! 

Spring Carnival Committee – 8 or more people:

This is a really fun event open to the neighborhood. This event usually happens the first Saturday of May. You will help organize/plan the game booths, food, music, bounce house, face paint and finding volunteers. We need a lot of family participation to make this a successful event. 

Dolphin Derby Committee – 4 or more people: 

Dolphin Derby is one of our biggest fundraisers and a favorite!! The kids run for fun and find sponsors to support them at a flat rate or per lap. This event is held on campus, we’ll need a lot of hands on help that day! 

Garden Committee – 4 or more people:

You help keep our garden happy and healthy by volunteering with the kids in the garden and finding volunteers. 

Grant Writer (Non-Voting Position)

You will strive to receive funding from different organizations and individuals by researching, drafting and submitting proposals.